1-FOR-1 is a total value redemption program created and fulfilled by T33ZE Eyewear. This is T33ZE's most sparkling program, partnered by only a hand full of prominent retailers. 1-FOR-1 authorized retailers are fashion icons in their prospective markets, and T33ZE is proud to support and enhance value to their customers. 1-FOR-1 is a program where everyone receives unprecedented value. Simply make any purchase at one of our partner retail outlets, for anything you like, and then go to the T33ZE APP to load in your receipt information for a T33ZE online gift certificate for the full value of what you purchased. The T33ZE APP can be accessed at the retailers location, through the T33ZE iPad kiosk, or simply by clicking here.


Step 1 - Buy anything an authorized T33ZE partnered retail location, make sure you get a receipt

Step 2 - Fill out the information on the T33ZE APP, at the store kiosk or on your mobile device if you have download the T33ZE APP

Step 3 - Receive a gift certificate, of your 1-FOR-1 submission, via email within 48 hours of submission

Step 4 - Use your gift certificate for any product(s) you like on the T33ZE website, www.t33ze.com

  • 1-FOR-1 gift certificates are valid for usage at www.t33ze.com only
  • 1-FOR-1 gift certificates are valid for product purchases only
  • 1-FOR-1 gift certificates are not valid on taxes and process/handling fees
  • 1-FOR-1 gift certificates are good for multiple sales, until your gift certificate value is fully redeemed
    • Each online redemption, at www.t33ze.com, is limited to 1 usage per day